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Why does the Analysis of my project not finish?
Why does the Analysis of my project not finish?
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There are several reasons why an Analysis struggles to finish. It is important to identify the positions where the crawler gets stuck.

So, first question first: was the crawler able to fetch any pages at all? Please check the Project Settings Tab "Previous analyses" to see how many URLs the crawler already analyzed.

If there were no sites at all or a really small amount was analyzed (say, 10 URLs), this means the crawler wasn't able to correctly crawl your website. Please cancel the crawl and check the tab "Test settings".

Make sure that the header status code is 200 and the field "Part of the project" shows a green checkmark.

Please also check if there are links displayed at "Internal". Possible reasons might be a 404 header status code or our crawler gets blocked by your server.

If, however, the crawler was able to crawl the domain, but it takes a really long time finishing, the issue occurred either during the crawl or while finishing the Analysis.

In this case, there are two possible options.

  1. Stop the Analysis and restart it.

  2. Contact us via your in-tool-messenger or send us a Mail at including the project name. And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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