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Effective customizing of reports in Ryte
Effective customizing of reports in Ryte

Here you can find out which possibilities there are to customize your reports in Ryte.

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Ryte Website Success offers an extensive selection of different reports. You can even enrich these with additional relevant information to make your work with Ryte even more effective.

In this article you will learn how to do this.

To customize a report move your mouse over the button in the upper right corner and select customize table.

Now an overview with three tabs opens.

The first tab (Columns) allows you to expand each report with up to 8 columns. The additional column Link texts for example is quite useful for critical issue reports as it will make finding those issue sources easier.

For the prioritization of errors adding Google Analytics data can be very useful, too. You can for example sort by the number of page views.

The added columns are automatically transferred when the report is exported with Ryte.

The next tab is called Document Details. With this tab, you can switch from the standard view to the detail view. Hereby all listed links in the report are supplied with further information such as whether the URL is listed in the sitemap.

The last tab is called additional overviews. By adding an additional overview, further information is displayed on top of the list to make locating problems and filtering easier.

In our example, I have added the overview directory names and immediately see that the errors occur mainly in our directory Wiki. This makes it easier for me to find the errors and shows whether the error is mainly centered in a certain directory.

That's all for now. Have fun personalizing the Ryte reports โ˜€๏ธ

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