You regret the cancellation before your contract has expired or you simply want to use a paid account with Ryte again after a while? No problem! You can create your own account again. Here you can find out how.

You had two options when you terminated your contract:

  1. You cancelled your Ryte paid account and instructed us to delete your data after the contract period expired.

  2. You cancelled your paid Ryte account and instructed us to downgrade your account to a free account after the contract period expired.

Option 1 - Data was deleted at your request

In this case you can reactivate your account afterwards, but your previous data will not be transferred after 14 days, because you have asked us to delete them before. Please note that you can only reactivate your account after your paid contract period ends!

After the end of your contract period you can reactivate your account as follows:

1. Use your existing Tool Login as usual to log in to your Ryte account.

2. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and go to Accounts

3. In your account overview you will see a field "Reactivate".

4. After you click on "Reactivate" you will be redirected to the following page to make another paid contract, follow the process.

Please be aware, that we only safe your data 14 more days after your cancellation period ended, afterwards it's gone.

Have fun with your Ryte account!

Option 2 - Your account has been downgraded to a Free Account

If you have chosen a free account at the time of cancellation, we will keep all your account data even after your paid account expires. In this case we ask you to upgrade your account in the tool to get a paid account again. Proceed as follows:

1. Upgrade your account in the tool

2. Go through the order process for your new Basic Suite, click on "Proceed to Checkout"

Have fun optimizing your site! 👋🏽

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