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Set filters in Website Success and Search Success
Set filters in Website Success and Search Success

Learn here how you can effectively filter your reports with Ryte to make only visible what you really want to see.

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Intro: Filter at Ryte

As you have probably already noticed, Ryte goes into great detail. Website data is analyzed as deeply as possible for you. Through this transparent view of your website you can draw the right conclusions and set the most effective levers in motion to optimize the domain effectively.

It is important that you are not overwhelmed by an avalanche of information, but can define yourself which topics deserve your attention and can simply put the rest aside with our intuitive filter set.

Today I want to show you which filter options you have with Ryte and how you can integrate them into your daily optimization routine. πŸ‘

Filter in Website Success

In Website Success you can find all the analysis results of the last crawl, divided into many comprehensive reports.

In each report you can easily add filters to reduce the analysis result to factors that are important for you.

Filter by Click

To do this, click on any content in the report, such as the document type, the directory to be filtered, a word in the title and more. Clicking on this value will automatically filter the report and the set filters will automatically appear above the report. Of course, these can be adjusted at any time.

How this looks in practice, I show you here:

Define filters

Of course, you can also add more filter options by clicking + add new filter above the report. The possible filter options for your reports are almost endless here:

In our error reports, which you can access via the Website Success overview, the filter set is already reduced to useful options for the selected error type.

Filter in Search Success

In Search Success you will find 100% real traffic data that is pulled directly from the Search Console for you and optimally prepared for analysis.

Since we have no limitation here, neither regarding lines nor data backup, it is also advantageous to work with filters here.

Like in Website Success you have the possibility to set a filter above the report on the right. Here, too, you have numerous filter categories that you can combine.

Save filters as segments

If you always want to work with the same filter set, I recommend you to permanently save your filter combination as a segment in the Segments section.

Just click on Create new segment.

Once you have created a segment, you can get an overview of what this segment would show you by clicking Preview in the bottom right corner. Here you can also make last minute adjustments.

When you are satisfied with the segment, save it.

From now on you can use the segment as a filter in all Search Success Reports:

Simply use the filter: Keyword is in segment XYZ . πŸ‘

I wish you good luck with your data filtering in Ryte.

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