Broken Redirects

What are Broken Redirects, why are they bad and how to fix them.

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What is the issue?

Broken redirects are a big problem for usability as not only can they slow down a user's session by loading additional redirects, but they result in a page that can't be found (i.e. a 404 Status page) so your website visitor won't find the content they're looking for. Broken redirects also negatively impact SEO as search engine crawlers will try and crawl the redirected URLs which wastes crawl budget and deprioritizes your content.

How to fix it

  1. The cleanest way to fix this issue is by removing the redirect completely, and linking directly to the target document.

  2. In the column "Document", you see the URL that is redirecting to the item in the "Redirect target" column. Find the broken redirect link in the Document URL by searching on the page (click on the number to view the "anchor text") or by viewing the source.

  3. Update or change the link to a correct Status 200 (Success) URL or by removing the link completely.

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