Duplicate H1 Tags

What are duplicate H1 Tags, why are they bad and how to fix them.

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What is the issue?

The H1 tag is the HTML tag that should indicate the most important heading on a webpage and should accurately describe the page's context. In this report we have highlight cases of where you have used the same H1s on multiple pages, so it can therefore be a sign to search engines that you are providing duplicate or low-quality content.

How to fix

You should give all pages of your website a logical and unique H1 so that no two pages have the same main headline. Click on the arrow in the right hand column to find the other URLs with duplicate h1 tags.

Unoptimized and duplicate H1 tags can result in less clicks and sessions to your website. Use Google Analytics data to find pages with duplicate H1 tags that receive a high number of sessions, and fix these pages first. Learn more in this article.

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