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Pages with a Low Word Count
Pages with a Low Word Count

What are pages with a low word count, why are they bad and how to fix them.

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What is the issue?

The pages listed below have fewer than 300 words, which means they're unlikely to provide your users with enough information about the topic. If the purpose or topic of these pages are not clear, Search Engines might view them as inadequate at answering users' queries, or not unique enough to be ranking.

How to fix

Determine whether this page deserves to be ranking in its own right. If not, add a "noindex" robots directive to the page to stop it from being indexed and found by Search Engine users. If it is relevant to be ranking, add additional value to the page with more, high-quality content. Using our Content Success module gives you worthwhile inspiration of what terms and keywords to incorporate into the page to improve its relevancy.

Pages with a low word count provide little value to incoming website visitors, and can therefore result in a poor onsite experience such as a low average time on page. These negative user engagement metrics can harm your site's overall rankings. Prioritize pages that receive a high amount of traffic and provide more content to give your users a better experience. Learn more in this article.

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