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Internal "nofollow" Links
Internal "nofollow" Links

What are internal "nofollow" links, why are they bad and how to fix them.

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What is the issue?

Nofollow is a link attribute that signals to search engines that you cannot guarantee the target URL's trustworthiness. Therefore it's not always wise to use "nofollow" for your internal links, as you should want to pass along strength and equity to your own pages.

How to fix

The left hand column below shows the URLs containing nofollow links, and the right hand column shows which pages are linked to with the nofollow link. You can easily identify the nofollow link in the source code, as it contains the attribute rel="nofollow". Remove the attribute if the "nofollow" has no place here. Note: some CMS and Wordpress plugins set all links to be "nofollow" by default, in which case you should consult your plugins and technical set-up. Learn more about this here.

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