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Broken "hreflang" Attribute
Broken "hreflang" Attribute

What is a broken "hreflang" Attribute, why is it bad and how to fix it.

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What is the issue?

Hreflang tags allow us to notify search engines of the same page available for different languages and regions, so that they can serve the correct version for different locales. If the hreflang tag references a broken page, search engines will be unable to reference the translated version and the connection will be severed meaning it can flag a duplicate content issue and subpar rankings.

How to fix

The documents listed in the left column in the table below show the pages containing the broken hreflang, the middle column shows the language referenced in the hreflang tag, and the right hand column shows the link referenced to in the hreflang tag. A hreflang attribute may link to a broken page for example if a page has been deleted, or the link is incorrect. If there is no longer a page existing in another language, you should delete the hreflang attribute. If the link is incorrect, you can correct the link in the source code of the website. The hreflang tag is in the header area of the website. Learn more about this in our wiki and product insights.

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