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Missing Viewport Tag
Missing Viewport Tag
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What is the issue?

This report shows pages with a missing or incorrectly set-up viewport tag. With a missing viewport meta tag, mobile devices render pages at typical desktop screen widths and then scale the pages down, making them very difficult for users to read. Incorrect viewport tags can lead to problems like the content being too wide for the screen.

How to fix it

If you have pages missing a viewport tag, you just need to add <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> to the header area of every page. If you don’t have access to edit your page’s header, reach out to your developer and communicate the importance of this issue’s fix.

The URLs are sorted according to OPR (number of internal links a page has), but you can also sort or filter according to Google Analytics data to more easily identify your high-priority pages.

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