Bulk Update allows you to update a set of individuals or organisations in a single process.

This is useful for adding in custom fields, segmenting existing records, adding contacts to specific groups etc.

Steps to Bulk Update:

Step 1) Go To Contacts > Individuals or Organisations > select the checkbox.

Step 2) Click the


Step 3) Choose the field/fields you wish to edit.

Step 4) Click

Step 5) Select or Enter the new values

Step 6) Click


Question: Can I bulk update my entire Database?
Answer: Yes, when you select the checkbox you with have the option to choose All contact records in the group.

Question: Will the old value still be available?
Answer: No, old values will be lost and replaced with the new values.

Question: Can I bulk delete?

Answer: Yes, you can currently bulk delete in batches of 50 records. Select

instead of update, when selecting records.

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