Add your Terms & Conditions to your SamCart Checkout pages, so you can ensure customers agree before placing their order. With SamCart, you have the option to present your Terms as a required checkbox that customers must click before placing their order, or as a hyperlink that is available for customers who want to learn more.

Follow these directions to add Terms & Conditions links to your checkout pages.

  • Go to your Products tab, and select any product (or make a new one!).
  • Click on the Checkout Design tab.
  • Scroll down to the Terms & Conditions Checkbox section, switch the toggle to ON, and paste your Terms & Conditions URL into the Terms & Conditions URL field:

Here's a SamCart checkout page with the Terms & Conditions checkbox turned on...

The customer won't be able to place an order until the checkbox is clicked. 

And here's a SamCart checkout page with the Terms & Conditions Checkbox turned off.


You can see detailed information about wether a customer agreed to your Terms when placing their order by visiting the Orders tab.

Open any order, then click on the View Full button at the top of the order popup window. This opens a page with more details about this order.

On the next page, you will see an area that displays all the information SamCart records about this order and your Terms & Conditions.

  • The Terms & Conditions URL displayed at checkout
  • Wether the Terms & Conditions box was checked
  • The Customer's IP Address

This information is also available when you export from your Orders table. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens when someone clicks on the Terms & Conditions link on the checkout page?

A: The URL you entered will open in a new tab. 

Q: Can I have a different Terms & Conditions link for each product?

A: Absolutely! Many SamCart users will close a deal with a new client by creating a new product specifically for that client, link the Terms & Conditions to that client's service contract, and collect payment while simultaneously agreeing on the contract. 

Q: Where do I create my Terms & Conditions page?

A: We recommend having your own Terms & Conditions page, published on your website. SamCart cannot help you create a Terms & Conditions page, and we highly recommend you consult with a legal professional when creating your own terms.

Q: Can I change what the Terms and Conditions checkbox says?

A: Currently, the Terms and Conditions checkbox language is standard and cannot be edited.

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