If you have subscriptions currently charging somewhere outside of SamCart, then you probably want to migrate them into SamCart to have everything in one place!

Our best recommendation is to re-create your subscription as a new product in SamCart. Then send that new checkout page to your existing customers. 

As customers create a new subscription inside of SamCart, delete their old subscriptions managed by your other tool. 

This way you will protect your customers sensitive information, avoid any liability that comes with exporting payment information, and keep your recurring income from getting lost in the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I directly import subscriptions into SamCart?

A: No, you can't. Migrating subscriptions is an enormous risk, and you tend to lose huge chunks of your recurring income in the process.  

Handling payment information is a huge liability, and there is no guarantee that the cards will charge correctly if migrated. So we recommend getting customers to start brand new subscriptions, or leaving them where they are. 

If it ain't broke...

Q: Can SamCart's reporting include subscriptions that are currently running normally inside of Stripe, PayPal, InfusionSoft, etc.?

A: SamCart's reporting can only include information on subscriptions that were placed on a SamCart checkout page. If the subscription started somewhere else, than we cannot include that info in your reports.

Q: If I ever cancel SamCart, what happens to my subscriptions?

A: Any unlimited recurring subscriptions that charge via credit card will continue to charge as normal inside of Stripe.

Any limited subscriptions, or PayPal subscriptions of any kind, will stop charging altogether.

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