MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to password-protect content. SamCart integrates with MemberPress, so that you can automatically add new customers to your site, and grant or revoke access to one or more of your MemberPress "memberships".

SamCart's integration rules allow you to create your own "If/Then" statements. Where certain Trigger Events in SamCart will fire actions inside of MemberPress. 

So your Integration Rules could be something like this...

  • If Product A is purchased in SamCart, grant access to Membership A in MemberPress. 
  • If Product B is refunded in SamCart, revoke access to Membership B in MemberPress.
  • If a subscription is cancelled for Product B, revoke access to Membership B in MemberPress.

Mix and match SamCart Trigger Events with MemberPress Actions to create your own custom integrations!

Let's start by integrating SamCart with your MemberPress plugin...

Integrate SamCart + MemberPress

  • Click on Settings Icon at the top-right of your SamCart Dashboard, to visit your Marketplace Settings.
  • Select the Integrations tab from the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click New Integration.
  • Select MemberPress from the dropdown menu.

On the next tab, you will be asked to input a few different pieces of information to complete the integration...

1: Integration Name
2: Website URL
3: Username
4: Password

NOTE: To integrate with MemberPress, you must have access to MemberPress Developer Tools. Available in MemberPress Plus and Pro plans.

Check out this quick walkthrough, so you can see exactly where to find these pieces of information...

When you have each piece of info you need, save your settings and complete the integration. Be sure to save your generated password somewhere in case you ever need to reference it again.

Creating MemberPress Integration Rules

Now that your account is integrated, you can create rules that automatically grant access or revoke access to your MemberPress memberships. 

And creating those rules is done inside of your different product's settings.

Product Settings

  • From inside of SamCart, click on the Products tab.
  • Choose any one of your products, and click Edit to view that product's settings.
  • Click on the Integrations tab.
  • Scroll down to the BETA Integrations area, and click on New Rule.
  • In the popup window, select the SamCart Trigger Event that will cause this rule to fire.
  • Select the integration, which I'm pretty sure will be MemberPress. 
  • Then select the action you want to take when the Trigger Event happens. You can choose between Grant Membership or Revoke Membership.
  • On the last screen, use the dropdown menu to choose the MemberPress membership you want to grant/revoke access to.

Refresh Your Integration 

If you ever do not see the membership you're looking for, click on the Refresh button. 

SamCart will ping MemberPress and pull in all the latest memberships in your account. 

When you have the settings you want, click Submit. You will see your new integration rule listed in the BETA Integrations section.

Delete An Integration Rule

Delete any integration rule by clicking the Trash Icon. 

What Your Customers Experience

You can create as many integration rules as you would like. Mix and match different SamCart Trigger Events with MemberPress Actions to automate providing your customers with exactly what they have purchased. 

When a new order is placed, refunded, or subscription cancelled, SamCart will run through your Integration Rules and automatically grant/revoke access to memberships based on the rule you created.

Username + Password

MemberPress sends an email to new members containing their username and password. 

Existing members will simply have memberships granted and/or revoked from their existing account. No changes made to their username or password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need access to MemberPress's Developer Tools?

A: Yes, you must have MemberPress Developer Tools (available in their Plus or Pro plans) in order for SamCart to access your MemberPress installation's API. 

Q: Can I connect with more than one MemberPress website?

A: Absolutely. With SamCart's new Integration BETA, you can connect as many MemberPress sites as you'd like to your SamCart Marketplace.

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