When you're creating different versions of the same product it's easy for your Products page to get cluttered. Keep all of your products in order by using the Internal Product Name option.

This new feature allows you to use one Product Name on your checkout pages, and another Product Name inside of your SamCart account! So your customers see one thing, and you can use whatever name you need to keep your Products in order.

Here's How It Works:

Head to your Product Details tab on any Product Edit page: 

The first two fields are Product Name and Internal Product Name (Optional):

The Product Name field is what your customers will see when they visit your checkout page (pictured below), view their Order Receipts, etc.

Use the Internal Product Name (Optional) field to give your product a different name inside of your SamCart account. Whatever you write in this field will display on your products page, in your reports, and all over your SamCart account. 

If you'd like to organize your Products page even further, give Product Tags a spin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What product name will SamCart send to Zapier or through the Notification URL?

A: SamCart will send the customer-facing Product Name. 

Q: Can I change my Product Names whenever I want?

A: You are free to change your Internal Product Name anytime you want. 

You can also change the Product Name of any product with a one time charge anytime you want. 

However, you cannot change the Product Name of a subscription product anytime after an order including that product has been placed. Changing the Product Name can effect how existing subscriptions are charged. So SamCart does not allow Product Names to be changed.

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