If you're selling creative work, are looking to accept donations, or want to let your customers decide what your Product is worth to them, SamCart's Pay What You Want (PWYW) feature is going to be one of your favorite tools.

Giving your customers control over what they pay for your Product can help build trust with your audience. You're signaling that you genuinely want them to have your Product, and you understand if they can't pay as much as others might able to.

Enabling Pay What You Want only takes a single key-stroke, so give it a try on one of your Products! Here's how it works:

Create A Pay What You Want Product

Start by clicking the + New Product button on your Products page: 

In the Create a Product pop-up, type out your price in the Product Price field and add a "+" sign at the end. Do not include any spaces or punctuation in between the price and the + or after the +. 

Whatever precedes the  "+" will be the minimum allowable price a customer can pay for the Product. For example, if you'd like the minimum allowable price to be $20.00, write "$20.00+" in the Product Price field. 

If you'd like to leave pricing entirely up to your customers and allow customers to access your Product for free, write "$0.00+" 

Fill out the other fields as you would for any other Product, and click Create Product.

NOTE: You can only use Pay What You Want for One Time charge Products. Recurring charge Products, Upsells, and Order Bumps are not yet supported.

Customize Your PWYW Settings

There will be a few optional Pay What You Want settings in your Product Details tab. These settings can be left blank. But let's walk through each one individually...

  1. Suggested Price: This pre-fills t price on your checkout page's price input field. It disappears once your customer begins typing in the field. Shoot for something slightly higher than your minimum!

2. Name Your Own Price Text: This is the text that appears next to the price entry input on your checkout page. A colon will automatically be added to the end of whatever you put in. 

If you leave this blank, the default text is "Name Your Price." 

How PWYW Looks On Your Checkout

Here's what the setting pictures above would look create on a live checkout page...

NOTE: When a customer enters less than the minimum price you selected, an error will appear. It will ask the customer to enter a price that is higher than your minimum price.

PWYW is now available for Subscription Products! 

You can now use Pay What You Want on Subscription Products by entering the Subscription Price as the minimum price followed by a plus sign. The Subscription Price must be at least $1.00.

So if you would like the Subscription Price to start at $5.00, you will enter it as $5.00+

PWYW will not allow for a different initial price and a different recurring price. The amount that the customer chooses to pay during checkout will be the initial charge and the subscription price billed for future payments to the subscription or payment plan. 

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