Want give your team access to your SamCart Marketplace? Look no further than adding new Users. Depending on your subscription level, you can add new users via your Marketplace Settings at anytime: 

Launch : only one Admin level user
Grow : add up to 3 Admin level users
Scale : add up to 10 Admin, Support, or Read-Only level users


Marketplace Administrators have full access to your SamCart account. Which means they can update your billing, add new integrations, refund payments, create new products, and anything else you can do in SamCart. 


Read-Only Users have limited access to your account. They can view reports, Orders/Subscriptions/Customers, and Products, but that's it. They won't be able to edit anything in your Marketplace. 

Read-Only users specifically cannot access your Marketplace Settings, Billing Information, or Affiliate Center. They cannot refund payments, or cancel or edit subscriptions, add/remove integrations, etc. 


Support users are here to help you serve your customers! Support Users can see orders, issue refunds, manage subscriptions, update customer information, edit product details, look through reports, + more.

They cannot access anything in your Marketplace Settings, like billing information, payment processors, or integrations. They also cannot create or edit Upsells, or access the Affiliate Center.

Support (No Reports)

This role is identical to the Support role explained above, except they will not be able to view any of your reports either. 

Add New Marketplace Users

To add a new user, visit your Marketplace Settings + click Users in the sidebar.

Then click the blue +Add User button in the top-right.

Enter your new User's email address + select their User Role from the dropdown menu. Then click Save, and SamCart will fire off an email to the email address you provided. 

Your new user can select their password, and will have immediate access to your SamCart Marketplace.

Delete Marketplace User

To remove a User from your Marketplace, just click on the red Trash icon next to that User's name and email.

SamCart will ask you to confirm that you want to delete that user. Once you confirm, that user will no longer have the ability to access your SamCart Marketplace.

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