Columns allow you to divide your Row horizontally into a number of different, well... columns, each of which can house its own Content Blocks

Columns provide your page with a visual "flow," and any well-designed Product Page will use Columns to guide the visitor's eye through the page. 

They're also great for adding things like Text, Bullet Points, or Buttons next to your Images and Videos

Here's everything you need to know:

Dividing Rows Into Columns: 

To split your Row into Columns, mouse-over the Row to expose its menu and click this button: 

Next, choose how you'd like to divide your Row (1) and select Done (2)

The above selection splits the Row into two Columns, with the column on the left larger than the one on the right. Here's how this looks in the Content Builder: 

Adding Content Blocks to Columns: 

To add content to a Column, simply drag any Content Block you'd like into the Column of your choice:  

You can vertically stack multiple Content Blocks on top of each other in a single Column

Here's a Row in the Content Builder with a Text block in the left Column (1) and a Text block (2) and Image (3) in the right Column

And here's a Row with two Columns, each featuring an Image block (1) and two Text blocks (2 & 3) on a live Product Page: 

To learn how to interact with and edit the Content Blocks in your Columns, reference the Content Blocks article (coming soon).  

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