You want to grow your bottom line? Start tapping into your Prospects!

A Prospect is a visitor who started placing their order, but never actually gets to the finish line. For one reason or another, they leave your sales page and you're left with $0.00 to show for it. 

Thankfully, SamCart captures that information, creates a Prospect, and allows you to continue nurturing these red-hot leads. Using SamCart's Integration Engine, you can automatically add new Prospects to your email follow-up campaigns, send text messages, reach out on Facebook Messenger, and more!

Your Prospects are your most important leads. They are so close to buying, all they need is a little push...

So with that in mind, here are 3 automations to copy that will start converting more Prospects into paying customers!

1: Send Prospects an Email Follow-Up Campaign

Use the Integration Engine to add new Prospects to an automated follow-up series that brings them back to your sales page to complete their order.

Wether you are adding a tag to a Prospect in InfusionSoft or dropping someone into a list in MailChimp, you can automatically send out a few emails to every new Prospect that invites them back to your SamCart Sales Page to place their order.

Leverage subject lines like, "Did you forget this?" or "Uh-oh!" to grab your Prospects attention! Don't forget to sweeten the deal with a free gift, a coupon code, or upgraded shipping if they come back and place their order. 

And remember, time is key! Get a message in their inbox ASAP with SamCart's Integration Engine, and watch your conversions take a jump!

2: Connect With Prospects via SMS

Don't settle for just hitting your Prospect's inbox, shoot them a text!

Connecting SamCart with Zapier gives you tons of options for easily sending automated text messages right to your Prospect's phone. Just setup a "zap", write your text message, and SamCart will take care of the rest.

You can use full SaaS platforms like Twilio or Salesmsg, or just fire off a text from Zapier's built-in SMS tool! But getting right on someone's mobile device shortly after they left your sales page could be the easiest sales you ever get. 

Not sure of what to say? Here's a quick template you can swipe and start sending to your own Prospects now!

Hey it's [NAME] from [BUSINESS NAME]! 

I saw that you didn't complete your order for [PRODUCT NAME]. Just wanted to pass along this special 20% OFF coupon, which you can use if you complete your order in the next few hours!

Just use the promo code "BabyComeBack" at this link:

Tweak it. Change it. Whatever you need! But connect with Zapier and start texting those Prospects.

3: Retargeting With Facebook Ads

If you're not spending a few dollars each week to bring Prospects back to your sales pages, then you are missing out on the highest ROI you can find online!

SamCart Users routinely share results ranging from 5x to 20x ROI for these Prospect Retargeting campaigns. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. 

You can use Zapier to automatically add prospects to a Facebook Custom Audience. Or you can create a Facebook Custom Audience out of people who have visited your SamCart Sales Page. Then create an ad to show that audience, while excluding your customers! 

Retargeting Ads should be short, give a reason for someone to come back, and finish with a strong call to action. Put it all together and you get something like this example from Digital Marketer...

Bonus points if you can put a picture of what someone is buying in the ad! Like this example from a SamCart promotion from a few years ago...

And extra bonus points for infusing Social Proof right into your Retargeting Ads...

Setup your own Retargeting Campaigns today! See how spending a few bucks a day can return 5x, 10x, or even a 20x ROI when you focus in on your most excited leads.

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