Why shouldn't you be able to split test your checkout page?!

No one does it! It's crazy talk. Sure, everyone split tests the s*** out of their sales pages, their homepage, their landing pages...but never their checkout page. 

Well, your checkout page is losing over 9 out of 10 visitors. That means +90% of your best people are leaving without ever placing an order and giving you money!

Think a half-decent split-test could help you snag just 1 more customer? 

Ya, I do too!

Think About It This Way...

If you grab 1 extra customer out of 10, you DOUBLE your sales. Just like that. 

And with SamCart, you finally have the tool you need to simply split test your checkout page. 

Or AB Test, whatever you want to call it.

Let's take a look...

Setup Your First Split Test

  • Go to your "Products" tab.
  • Open up any product.
  • Click on the "AB Test" section in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click "+ New Test Variation".
  • Give your new variation a name.
  • Click "Save".
  • Scroll over your variation, and click on the pencil icon to edit that variation.
  • Edit the variation's settings, and make sure to click "Save Changes" at the top of the page when you're done.
  • NOTE: The 1-Page Funnel template currently cannot be part of a split test.

You can change just about any setting you want for each variation. Change the template, try out a different guarantee, remove some required fields, add in a second multiple option, and plenty more.

If you are looking for ideas on what to split-test, check out the bottom of this article! We have some ideas to get you started. 

The only thing you cannot split-test with SamCart is the price of your product. If you want to split-test your price, we suggest creating two different products. Then use a third party tool (we love Visual Website Optimizer), and run a split test between the two products. 

Track Your Stats

Once you have variations created, SamCart will automatically split-test between your active variations. 

Just send customers to your checkout page URL like usual, and SamCart will take care of the rest.

Head over to the AB Test section in the product's settings to see how each variation is doing. 

Views: How many times this variation has been viewed.
Conversions: How many orders were placed on this variation.
Conversion %: The number of conversions divided by the number of views.

If you find a variation is totally stinking up the joint, and you want to remove it, look to the left and click on "Disable Test Variation".

SamCart will move that variation to the "Disabled Variations" area at the bottom of the page and immediately stop showing it to new visitors.

You will still be able to see views & conversions for any variations you disable. And you can re-enable a variation anytime using the buttons on the far right.

3 Essential Split Tests To Run

If you are looking for ideas on what to split-test, here's our best recommendations for where to start...

1: The Checkout Template

The obvious place to start is your template. Split-test Classic vs. The One Page Funnel. Amy Porterfield vs. Sales Letter. 

Sky is the limit. 

2: Throw In A Payment Plan

If you're selling anything over $100, this could change everything. Here's the split test...

Your control is just your checkout page, plain and simple. But on the variation, use the Multiple Payments feature to add in a payment plan. 

So your customers can choose to pay "1 payment of $100", or "2 payments of $50". And you can go ahead and send in 50% of the extra money you'll make to SamCart, Inc. 11850 West Market Place Suite C...

3: Add/Remove Required Fields

People collect way more info than they need. Especially on a checkout page. 

If you don't really use your customers' Shipping Address, or their phone number, or their Billing Address, see how getting rid of it can help you grab more customers. 

Split-Test Pro Tips

  • Split-test the big stuff first, then worry about the smaller details. 
  • Wait until you have a decent sample size before declaring a winner. Get 100 visitors to each variation, then declare your winner.
  • Remember to "Refresh" your stats each time you start a new split-test. 

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