1-Click Upsells are the single most powerful feature for your bottom line. Thankfully, SamCart replaces all the complicated tech work, with one simple tool.

Creating 1-Click Upsells inside of SamCart is broken down into 3 quick steps. Watch each video below, follow along, and start using 1-Click Upsells to double (or even triple) your average customer value...

Step 1: Create The Products You Need

First things first, you need products to upsell. Watch the video above to walk through this step by step!

Wether you are duplicating products and lowering the price, or quickly creating new products from scratch, creating upsells starts with having products to upsell.

Step 2: Create Your Upsells

Once you have created the products you need, its time to visit your "Upsells" tab and create your upsells. 

Create your upsell, attach one of your products to it, and then customize the content on the page. Add videos, images, tracking scripts, and more.

Step 3: Create Your Funnel

Last step is to create a Funnel, and choose which upsells you would like to show, and the order you want to show them in.

SamCart supports both upsells and downsells. To help you understand the path your customers take through an upsell funnel, here are some flowcharts of different upsell funnel examples you might create.

For a more in-depth look at these funnels & their logic, check out the video above.

Upsell Confirmation

If you would like your "One Click Upsells" to become "Two Click Upsells", then SamCart's Upsell Confirmation feature is for you. 

Instead of having customers purchase your upsell offer with a single click, you can display a custom message and require customers to confirm they wish to buy the upsell by clicking again. 

See exactly how this feature works in the video below...

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