Templates makes it simple for you to drag and drop images into pre-designed layouts.

Use your cursor to move an image into a different position whilst working in template-mode (up or down).

You can pick from a variety of template layouts (24 different layouts) to suit your style, and apply it to both landscape and portrait boards.

This particular template is called Jigsaw, which can accommodate many images.

You can switch off your template by clicking on the green selected template layout thumbnail.

TEMPLATE ON (dotted lines)

TEMPLATE OFF (no dotted lines, also called a blank canvas)


For complete creative control, I recommend using the blank canvas option. You know you're using a blank canvas when you have no dotted lines. Using a blank canvas means you are not governed by set spaces to place your images.

With a blank canvas you can:

  • Layer and arrange images
  • Use the drop-shadow tool to add depth and perspective
  • Remove the background of an image
  • And many more effects...

Here's a few board examples using a blank canvas:


To start again from scratch, simply click the "new" button in the top horizontal menu.


Want to do your own thing? Checkout How to create your own custom template or title block

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