Introducing the Background Clipper

Similar to using a clipping path in Photoshop, you can remove the background of an image using the Background Clipper tool in the Basic Edits menu within the editor. You will find the tool near the bottom of the Basic Edits menu.

OPTION 1: Custom Background Removing Tool

If you have a complicated background with lots going on, it's best to use the Custom Background Clipper as you have more control. Simply click to draw the path of the image you want to keep and click Save.


OPTION 2: Solid Background Removing Tool

If you have an image with a solid background color you wish to remove to create that "transparent" look, the Solid Background Removing Tool is the best option, as you can remove the background with one click.

If you want to save the image you edited for future use, click the "Download" button and select your library or follow these steps: How to save an edited image for future use

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