With New SampleBoard, you're able to create transparent image files, with their backgrounds removed, and download these images to your computer for future use.

What is a PNG file?

A Portable Network Graphics (PNG) filetype is used to create high-quality, lossless image file types. JPEG is another image file type that compresses images, but it doesn't support transparency, which PNG's does.

How to make and download a transparent PNG image

  1. Remove the background of your image by using the Background Remover tool (Pro feature)

  2. Select the photo you want to download to your computer by clicking on the image with your mouse or use the selection mode tool on the Canvas Manager (bottom, horizontal toolbar). You know your image is selected when it is surrounded by blue toggles.

  3. Click the ‘Save Image’ icon on the top horizontal toolbar

  4. Choose a place on your desktop to save your transparent image for future use.

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