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How to use SampleBoard’s stock photos
How to use SampleBoard’s stock photos

Choose from millions of authentic, high quality stock photos

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SampleBoard’s stock photos give you a whole new world of beautiful, authentic, unique photos that’ll add polish and style to your conceptual moodboards. Best of all, we make it super easy to select and use one of our more than 1 million photos.

The process of including an Unsplash photo in your moodboard is pretty seamless. When you’re working in the SampleBoard creator, simply follow these steps.

How to search and insert a Stock Photo

  • Click the Images tab

  • Choose the Stock Photos button

  • To find one that fits your needs, use the search bar at the top of the column and hit the search icon

  • Once you pinpoint your desired photo, click and drag it into your canvas

The coolest part of our partnership with Unsplash is that you don’t have to worry about copyright issues, licensing fees, or any admin tasks. Our Unsplash stock photo library can be used in any way, at any time—without limits.

SampleBoard's Stock Photos are available for all our subscribers to use for moodboard presentation purposes.

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