By setting your profile to public you gain additional (free!) exposure on the web to showcase your design style via your moodboards, business details and social media accounts to potential clients.

Think of your SampleBoard public profile like your online business card and design portfolio.

Showcasing your name, company, position, business website, city and country, as well as your Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Houzz profiles (you choose how much you want to display).

You also have the option to add an email address that site visitors viewing your profile can use to reach you for work inquiries directly (which can be different to your SampleBoard login creds).

You can select which moodboards to display on your public profile, by setting them public, or choose to keep them private (for your eyes only).

To set your account profile to public:

  • Open your Profile Settings under My Account

  • Navigate to Profile Visibility (underneath your profile pic)

  • Ensure the toggle is set to Public​

You can view your public profile by clicking the 'view public profile' link, under Profile Visibility

  • Click the [share link to profile] button and paste the link where you would like it to appear.

How to set a moodboard public so that is displays on your public profile

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