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Get to Know the SampleBoard Creator
Get to Know the SampleBoard Creator

Learn how to navigate and use SampleBoard's workspace

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SampleBoard consists of components. Each palette, panel or toolbar contains specific tools and controls to help you accomplish the task at hand quickly and efficiently.

The areas where you’ll find all of your editing and design controls:

  1. Main toolbar: upload images, search stock photos, browse templates, add text

  2. Right side toolbar: canvas size, image editing and product details management

  3. Bottom toolbar: canvas manager, preview moodboard and preview purchase list

  4. Top toolbar: group images, crop, clone and delete images

  5. Top navigation bar: save your moodboard or create a new one

Let's learn about each area and what it does

Main Toolbar

The main navigation toolbar consists of:

  • Uploads palette : upload images from your computer or import images from any vendor website directly onto your canvas

  • Images palette: choose between our curated trending gallery or millions of stock photos

  • Template palette: use designer-made templates to jumpstart your projects

  • Text palette: add text to your moodboard

  • Shapes palette: create color palettes with SampleBoard shapes.

Right-Side Toolbar

The Right-Side Toolbar offers three panels. You can hide or show the panels by clicking the >> button.

  • Canvas settings panel: change the size of your canvas to suit your moodboard.

  • Image editing panel: this panel has two tabs - one for photo editing and the other for product detail management

  • Comments panel: for your clients or team members to leave comments on the moodboard

For a detailed tour of this area read: Workspace Tour: Right-Side Toolbar & Image Editing

Top Tip

* Open and/or close the right-side toolbar by using the << toggle

Bottom Toolbar (canvas manager)

The SampleBoard Canvas Manager is a really great toolset that lets you control the overall canvas preview and function of your canvas space. If you look down on the bottom of your screen you will find it there. It consist of:

The Canvas Manager allows you to:

  • Select a particular item on your canvas to either move or edit

  • Grab the entire canvas with all the items on it and move it around on your screen

  • Zoom in or out of your canvas

  • Preview your moodboard without the distractions of any toolbars

  • View the purchase list related to the moodboard

For a detailed tour of this area read: Workspace Tour: Bottom Toolbar (Canvas Manager)

Top Toolbar

  • Layers: the Layers tool panel shows all the elements you’ve added to your canvas

  • Grouping and ungrouping: group design elements with one click

  • Crop: resize or crop an image on your canvas

  • Save image: remove the background of a product photo to create a transparent background and save it to your computer for future use.

  • Clone: duplicate an image, text or shape on your canvas

  • Delete: delete an image, text or shape from your canvas

  • Undo/redo


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