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Keyword tags let you assign descriptive, natural-language terms to product photos & images to find in the Creator at a later date

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Keyword tagging is a wonderful feature that will not only keep you organised, but will also save you a lot of time. Tags let you assign descriptive, natural-language terms to images so that you can search for them in the future.

By creating tags such as “wicker, chair, cane, or boho in africa”, you can identify specific photos, and then simply search by keyword tag to view thumbnails of all other photos tagged with the same keyword, while you're in the Creator.

How to create tags

  • Open your Uploads tab in the Creator

  • Select the image in your gallery you want to tag

  • Click the three horizontal dots

  • Add one tag, or add multiple tags to describe the image

  • You can now search for images using that tag

  • Any image or product photo that has been tagged, will populate within your Uploads gallery

How to bulk tag an entire image library

If you want to batch this process and be a little more productive, select the bulk tagging option within your Dashboard. Here’s how:

  • Open the [Image Library] tab within your Dashboard

  • Click the [+] button

  • Give your gallery a name, or rename an existing gallery.

  • You can now search for your library images within the Creator by gallery name.

Working with keywords

You can add tags as you are uploading or importing an image, or you can add tags after you've uploaded or imported your images.

Both tag systems let you have multiple tags added to one image, which makes them extremely useful if you have photos that belong to a few different categories, such as ‘art deco’ ‘living room’ and ‘sofa’.

What kind of keywords should I assign to my photos?

As the number of photos in your image library grows, finding a photo is essential. One of the best ways to do this is by assigning keywords to your photo(s). Keyword tags are text metadata used to describe the content of the photo.

If you’ve never keyworded images before, you may be wondering where to start. There are no hard and fast rules for keywording. The main rule is simple—use keywords that will help you find the images again later!

Before you start applying keywords to images, think about the kinds of words you would use to search for your images.

So how do you pick what keywords to include?

Create a controlled vocabulary! We have found the best way to go about it is by deciding up front what to use, by creating categories such as:

  • Style: modern, minimalist, art deco, scandi boho

  • Interior photo: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom

  • Descriptive words: sofa, chair, coffee table, vase

  • Colors: blush, pink, purple, blue

  • Mood: feminine, lifestyle

  • Seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter


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