The Image Editing Palette will launch when you select an image on your canvas.

The panel has two tabs for customising your image’s look and product information, namely Edit tab and Details tab.

Edit tab

The Edit tab is where you can edit you image and consists of:

  • Remove background

  • Position - rotate, forwards/backwards, flip

  • Adjustment - image brightness, contrast, saturation and hue

  • Shadow - enable a shadow to create a 3D / popout effect

  • General - lock image in place or make the image invisible on your canvas

For a full tutorial of the photo editing features read: Applying Effects to Photos

Details tab

The Details tab is where the Purchase List (a detailed list of the items used on the moodboard) is generated from. The Details tab is specific to the product image on the canvas, and is not connected or related to the image within your image library.

The information supplied by you in this tab will save to the product photo, onto the canvas, and automatically generate a Purchase List.

The details tab enables you fill in the following information associated with a product image:

  • Product name

  • Description

  • Vendor

  • Dimensions

  • Currency: specify your currency - USD, AUD, $, £

  • Unit/Client price: The amount you are buying it at, and the amount you are selling it to your client

  • Quantity: how many of these products to add to your purchase list

  • Markup: for your own information, this shows the markup percentage of the item

  • Link enabled: choose to show a mouse hover to allow to click on the product image and be taken to the hosted URL page

  • Product link: add the URL link to the store

To preview the purchase list with the product details, simply click the [view purchase list] button.

Once you’re satisfied with the purchase list information, you can add your company logo to create a professional brand, and export the purchase list to your computer as:

  • An Excel document, to edit further

  • A PDF document, ready to present to your client, online or offline, along with your exported moodboard that showcases the complete proposal in one cohesive proposal.

For a full tutorial read: How to create & export your Purchase List

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