Your SampleBoard Dashboard is more than just cloud storage for pics. It’s your mission control station at all stages of your moodboard creation and design workflow—from collecting images to storing in-progress moodboard drafts.

Getting to know your SampleBoard Dashboard storage better will help you take full advantage of its benefits no matter how advanced your skills are.

Your Dashboard consists of:

  • My Account - public profile settings, account settings & subscription plan details

  • Projects - where your moodboards are saved

  • Image Library - where your images and photos are saved

  • Users - the Agency plan allows for team collaboration

You can access Your Dashboard from your mobile, as well as from a browser on a smartphone or tablet.

Store your image assets in your Image Library

Your Image Library is an image organisation feature included in all SampleBoard membership plans. Your Image Library consist of your customised galleries. This is where all your uploaded or imported images are stored. Once your image files are saved or uploaded to your Dashboard, you can organise them into different folders, called galleries.

For some designers, collecting and uploading images before the moodboard creation starts is preferable, which is why you’re able to upload images from your computer from within your Dashboard.


View and manage moodboards in Projects

Your Projects is a moodboard organisation feature included in all SampleBoard membership plans. Your Projects consist of your project folders. This is where all your moodboard creations are stored.

SampleBoard stores your moodboard creations as multi-layered files. That means you can continue to edit the various elements (text and photos) within your moodboards at a later time.

Within your Dashboard, you can see all your projects at a glance without the need to open individual folders and you're able to arrange your project folders by alphabetical name, date added, number of designs, or search project folders by their name using the search icon.


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