Folders is an image organisation feature included in all SampleBoard membership plans.

You can remove images from your folders and delete entire folders at any time. Make sure that you are logged into your Dashboard, then access the [Image Library] tab to manage your folders.

Deleting a folder with all images in it (bulk delete)

  • Open your [Image Library] tab

  • Search for your folder by name

  • Hover over the folder info and select the trash bin icon

  • [DELETE] the library folder with all the images in it

Best practice tip:

We recommend creating a folder named 'delete' and moving your images to this folder so that you can save time and delete images in bulk by deleting the entire image folder.

How to delete a single image from your Image Library

  • Select your [Image Library] tab

  • Open the library folder that the image is saved in

  • Navigate to find the image you want to delete

  • Hover over the image with your mouse and click the trash bin icon that appears on the hover state

  • Make sure to select and tick the red round button and then hit [DELETE]

Renaming folders

You must give all your folders a name when you create them. If you’d like to change the name later:

  1. Hover over the folder you want to rename, then click the pencil icon

  2. Type in the new name and select Update Gallery

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