How to upload images to SampleBoard

Upload images directly to your canvas from your computer or into your Uploads Gallery to tag and use again

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There are two ways to upload images into New SampleBoard from your computer:

  1. Drag and drop images directly onto your canvas for instant creation

  2. Upload to your uploads gallery and tag images for later use

1. Drag and drop images directly onto your canvas

You can drag and drop images directly from your computer onto your canvas. It's best to select this option when you're ready to hit and run with a moodboard creation instantly and your images are saved on your computer.

It's also helpful when you know the images are moodboard specific. Ie: you won't use these images again in the future, as this option means the image will not save into your uploads gallery or image libraries, it will only save to the moodboard.

How to drag and drop directly onto your canvas

  • Select one at a time or multiple (up to 5) images on your computer

  • Drag and drop the selected image files on your canvas

Top tip:

  • If you struggle to see your computer finder to drag the images across, minimise your browser window so you can see your desktop.

  • Make sure to be in Selection mode, and not Grab mode

2. Upload from computer to your uploads gallery

If you want to populate your Uploads gallery for later use using tagging & keywords, using [UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER] within the Creator is the way to go.

How to upload from your computer

  • Open the Uploads tab

  • Click the [UPLOAD FROM COMPUTER] button

  • Select your images from your computer (you can upload up to 5 images at a time)

  • Add tags to find your images in future projects

  • Your uploaded images will save to Your Uploads gallery

How to find images in your uploads gallery

  • Search uploads via tag using the search box

  • Real-time filtering will take place using the tags and only display the images with a specific tag associated to them

How to delete images in your uploads gallery


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