The Text palette is open on your canvas when you are adding or modifying text on your project.

How to add text to your moodboard

  • Click 'TEXT' in the main toolbar

  • Type in the box that appears on your canvas

  • Customise the font style, text, opacity, color and much more

The adjust section of the text palette has the following tools:

  • Font drop-down: Click to scroll through and select a font.

  • Font size: Use the drop-down to select a font size, OR type in a font size, OR use the slider to make text larger or smaller.

  • Bold/Italic: Select Regular or Bold (if available) from the drop-down, or click the B or I buttons.

  • Letter (char) spacing: Use the slider to increase or decrease the space between letters.

  • Line height: Use the slider to increase or decrease the space between two or more lines of text.

  • Style - text color

  • Opacity: Use the slider to make your text more transparent

  • Stroke color

  • Stroke width

  • Shadow: put a shadow underneath your text for a 3-D effect.

If you want to add text to your canvas in ways that enhance your moodboard creation, we’ve got what you need. Our tools like drop shadow and handwriting style text put us way ahead of other design platforms.

Whether you want a drop shadow or unique color, SampleBoard's text feature has a slider-based tool that handles it all. So when you want to add text to you'll have tons of options to make your text look the best it can be.

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