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How to Make a Moodboard in Two Styles
How to Make a Moodboard in Two Styles

Which type of moodboard are you? Grid style or Free style...

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The choice is yours: create grid style moodboards or free style moodboards

Grid style moodboard

A grid style moodboard gives your pics a neat, orderly look and feel. Excellent for beginners who are new to moodboarding and not sure how to communicate their creative vision to their client. If you lack experience, or have a design deadline, choose a grid style moodboard for an effective and quick way to yield professional results.

Select high impact images to showcase your general idea and direction, color palette, and include a brief description if necessary.

A grid style moodboard can also be used in the beginning stages of a creative project to share your general design vision using photos of interiors and mood images with your client before moving on to the next phase which is more product-focused.

Free style moodboard

For more advanced or experienced designers choosing a blank canvas allows for full creative control to create a free style moodboard.

A free style moodboard focuses more on individual product photos such as furniture items and placement of items, generally used in conjunction with the Purchase List generator so can specify each product description, price, vendor and link and share it with your client in a seamless manner.

General tips in creating your own style

Create your own signature style by staying consistent, representing your brand by adding your company logo on each moodboard.


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