SampleBoard enables you to share your moodboard instantly.

Invite a team member to edit

You can invite team members to your moodboard, allowing them editing permission. Ideal for groups of designers who all need access to the same moodboards, like remote teams that want to easily work out design ideas in real time, or small businesses that need to create, store, and share their creative ideas.

Invite a client to view and comment

It's also a fab way to share your ideas with your clients to view and comment on your moodboard. Receiving in-progress feedback is an essential capability for designers creating moodboards for a client. Moodboards, are the only way of timeously, and quite literally, getting you and your client on the same page. It helps your client to visualize your design concepts and ideas you’ve discussed prior to committing to specific fabrics, furniture, colour schemes or a specific layout.

We know designers want to get feedback in the most painless way possible so they can continue their work. Your moodboard draft won’t be seen as the final product, but rather a conversation starter, allowing you to discuss the most important issue of them all – the concept.

How to share a moodboard with others

  • Navigate to the share icon in the top horizontal menu bar

  • Type in your clients or team members email address

  • Your client will receive an email with a link to view your moodboard, including a comment section to leave notes.

You can find the comments within your comments tab associated with the moodboard.

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