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In this lesson we'll go over how to create a unique workspace on the SampleServe platform.

On the SampleServe platform click, “Sign Up” and enter your email address and a unique password.

Make sure to agree to the terms and services, which can be reviewed here and then click “Sign Up”.

Select whether you’re a laboratory or a consulting company. Most users will be starting as a consultant company. Then type in your company name.

Next type in a name you would like to use as a URL for your workspace. This will typically be your company name or maybe a client name or some combination thereof, for example “”. This unique URL is the web address of your newly created workspace.

Click “Next” and your workspace is created. You will have access to this workspace and any other workspaces and projects listed in the workspaces every time you login. The platform will automatically create and populate data into a demonstration project called “Demo Site #123”. This “Demo” project is for you to use as a learning tool. It’s a usable example project so that you experience the different features and functionalities right away. Feel free to schedule fictitious sampling events, collect fake data and fake samples and generate fake reports so you and your team can learn to use the field app and the reporting functionalities right away. Feel free to delete the project after it has served its useful purposes.

That is how you create a unique workspace on the SampleServe platform.

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