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In this lesson we'll go over how to pre-print a paper chain-of-custody for your sampling project.

There are many scenarios in which a paper copy of a chain-of-custody is either useful or required for your project. This paper chain-of-custody will have all of your sample locations and IDs pre-printed, you simply need to fill out the date and time on the paper COC.

Be sure to be in the selected project and sampling event date you would like a COC for. Once you have completed and saved your sampling event set up, click the “Pre-Sampling Forms” tab at the top of the page. A list of available documents will appear. Click on “Chain-of-Custody” this will automatically download a PDF of the COC for that project and sampling date.

You'll see that all the sample locations and QA/QC sample information is filled out. You will also see that the client, billing, and project information is also completed. Please note; if this is not completed, go to the “Order” tab, and complete this information.

Print a paper copy of the COC and take with you to the sampling event. If you want your own paper COC for you records, print 2 copies. As you collect samples, complete the paper COC with the dates, times, and parameters you desire, just like a standard COC.

When ready to ship the samples to the lab, simply put one copy of the now completed Paper COC in the cooler. The lab will treat it just like every other paper COC they receive every day.

That is how you pre-print a paper chain-of-custody for your sampling project.

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