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In this lesson we'll go over how to add and then edit personnel contact information for a specific project. Please note, contact information in this section is primarily used for individuals that are important to a specific project. It could be a gas station manager, an adjacent property owner, or a Government Regulator. Contact information is entered here is so that the sampling field tech has this information on their mobile field device if needed. Having an individual’s contact information listed here, does not, repeat does not, give them access as a user to the project on the platform.

On the side menu go to the “Contacts” tab. All the contacts listed for the project are listed. If you want to add a new contact, click the orange “Add Contact” button in the upper right-hand corner. This will add in a new contact row. Add the persons contact information, the company and role they play in the project. If a user of the platform has been invited to the project, the basic contact information of those people will automatically be listed here.

If you want to edit any persons contact information, click the “3 dot ellipses” to the far right and click “Edit”. You will then be allowed to edit the persons contact information. Click “Save” when finished. To delete the person, click “delete” and then confirm the delete.

That is how you add and edit personnel contact information for a specific project.

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