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In this lesson we'll go over how to upload existing photo’s you may have for your sample locations or monitoring wells.

When in your selected project, go the to “Site Info” tab on the menu and click on the sample media you are uploading photo’s for, and then click on the location or well option under the selected media. In this example, we will use “Groundwater” as the media and then select “Wells”.

Select the desired sample location and click on the sample or well location icon, then scroll to the bottom of the screen. Here you will see an image upload box and a file selection icon.

There are two ways to upload images. First, you can select your file by clicking on “select a file” icon and then find the image you want to upload and upload the file. File formats supported are JPEG and PNG. The photo will appear below.

The second way is to simply drag and drop the image into the upload box. The file will automatically upload for that well location. To delete an image, simply click the “delete” button at the bottom of the image.

When photos are taken of sample locations using the SampleServe Mobile Field App, the photos will populate to the selected sample or well location automatically.

That is how to upload photos for sample locations or monitoring wells.

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