Enabling the Timeclock

To enable to timeclock, go to Settings > Timeclock. Click Enable Timeclock.

Opening the Timeclock

With the Timeclock enabled, you can now open it up on your tablet, desktop, laptop, etc. There are two ways to open the timeclock.

  1. You can simply click the link that is displayed in the Timeclock section in Settings.

  2. Or, you can also go through the Timeclock Dashboard by selecting the Open Timeclock button.

We suggest bookmarking or shortcutting this link so that you can access it without having to log into Sandbox each time.

Creating a Timeclock Passcode

In order for parents, authorized pickups, and staff to use Timeclock, they will need to create a passcode.

  1. Authorized users in Sandbox can setup passcodes in Sandbox by editing a guardian/contact/staff, and manually typing in a 4 digit passcode. Guardians and contacts will need to have the Allowed to Pickup checkbox selected in their profile in order to be able to sign in/out on the Timeclock. Once a passcode has been setup for the guardian/contact/staff, they will be able to time in/out with their passcode and initials. 

  2. Authorized guardians/contacts/staff can also create their own passcode from the Timeclock screen by clicking Create or Reset Passcode. They will then be prompted to enter in their email address, initials and setup their passcode. If the email address and initials match with a guardian or contact in Sandbox who has the Allowed to Pickup checkbox selected, then the Timeclock passcode will be setup for that guardian/contact, and they will immediately be able to time in/out the child(ren) that they’re authorized for.

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