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How do I track subsidy payments?
How do I track subsidy payments?

tracking subsidy payments

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To track subsidy payments you will need to make sure you are creating automated invoices and the child has subsidy set up in their enrollment(s). Once you create automated invoices for the payment interval, you will notice that the payers name shows up in Subsidy Tracking, found in the Billing tab. From here, you can click Enter Subsidy Payments to enter in any payments received for that month for all payers. Click Save when you have added in the payments and then it will prompt you to add the payment date. 

You can also click on the white drop down across from the payer and you have the option to Add/Edit Subsidy Payment(s). If you click on this you can add in the amount received and the payment date. This is helpful especially if you receive more than one payment in a month for that payer. 

Note: this is to keep track of subsidy payments not payments from the parent. You would add parent’s payments in their own billing section.

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