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How do I create tax receipts?
How do I create tax receipts?

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To create tax receipts you would go to the Billing tab > Tax Receipts. First ensure you are in the right year (found in the top left). If you need to change which year you wish to create tax receipts for, click on the arrows around the year in the top left hand corner. From here, you would click Create Tax Receipts. Before creating ensure the amounts look correct (the numbers are not too high or low). 

You have the option to include guardians for all by click on the check box at the top or you can have selected receipts with guardians included by clicking the check box beside that guardians name. This would put the guardians name who were selected on the receipt with the payer. 

If you need to override, you would click on the check box under the Override column. 

If you click on the top drop down menu you have the option to have One Receipt per Payor

Once you are done, you would scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Tax Receipts.

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