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How do I setup child reminders?
How do I setup child reminders?

setup child reminders

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To setup child reminders go to the Family tab > Family List > and click on a child’s profile.

Scroll down to Child Reminders > Click Setup Child Reminders.

From here, click Add Item > Enter in the item name (eg. Health Check) > Click Save

You can also choose to categorize the item by clicking the drop down where it says Uncategorized > Add/Edit… > Add Category (eg. Medical) > Add in category name > Click Save.

Make sure if you do create a category that you select if from the drop down. Click Save when you are done.

Now you will notice that there is a line item under Child Reminders. If you want to add in a completion date and due date, click on the 'i' in a grey box and click on Add Completion Date.

From here, you can add in the completion date, notes, and the next due date. Click Save when you are done.

You also have the option click on Add Due Date to add the date it is next due here, if you have not done so already.

If the item is due within the next 30 days and the child has a current enrollment, it will show up on the Home page under Child Reminders.

From here, you can dismiss, remind me later, complete, or email reminder. This reminder will not disappear from the Home page until it is marked as completed or dismissed.

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