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How do I add in doctor information?
How do I add in doctor information?

adding doctor information

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To add in doctor information you would go to the Family tab > Family List > Click on the child's profile > Scroll down to Medical Information > Click Add Doctor

From here, enter in the doctor's name, profession, address, phone number(s), etc. You can enter in as little or as much information as you wish. Click Save when you are done. You can add in as many doctors as you wish! 

To add in additional professions, click the Profession drop down > Add/Edit > Enter in the name > Save. Examples are Dentist, Physiotherapist, etc.

If you don't want a doctor to show on the emergency card, deselect Include this Doctor on the Emergency Card.

If a doctor does not apply to both siblings, you can click the top drop down menu (3 dots) in the Medical Information section > Click Manage Doctors > Turn off the doctor in that child's profile > Save.

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