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How do I create mailing labels?
How do I create mailing labels?

creating mailing labels

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The first step to creating mailing labels is going to the Families tab > Family List > Filtering (need be) for who you would like to create the mailing labels for > Top drop down: Show All. You will only need to show all if you wish to select more than 25 children. 

From here, select all children in the list and click the blue drop down: Export Mailing List.

This will create and download an Excel file for you. Once you have opened the file, click on the Formulas tab > Select all of the data > click the Define Name drop down > select Define Name

From here, enter in a name and click OK when you are done.

Note: The first character of the name must be a letter and you must use an underscore instead of spaces, eg. Malling_Labels 

Now save your Excel document and open up a new blank Word document. 

Once you have the new document opened, go to the Mailings tab and click the Start Mail Merge drop down. 

Select Labels from the drop down. 

Select your Printer Type, Label Product and Product Number from the lists.  

Note: The most common label is Avery 5160

In order to see where the labels are on the page, you can turn on the borders by going to the Home tab > selecting the section > click the Border drop down > select All Borders

Now go back to the Mailings tab and click the Select Recipients drop down. 

Select Use an Existing List from the drop down.

Select the Excel file that you just saved and click Open. Then click OK the select the document. You can leave the Cell Range blank.

In the top left hand box, fill in the format you want them labels to follow by clicking the Insert Merge Field drop down. 

Select the fields and enter spaces and/or commas where needed. 

Now to apply this format to all labels, click the paper icon with the green arrows.

To preview what your labels will look like, click the Preview Results drop down. 

Select Preview Results

 If you are happy with the format, click the Finish & Merge drop down. You may want to turn off the borders in the Home tab first so that they do not print on the labels. 

Select Print Documents

From here print off your mailing labels!

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