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Is My Information Secure?
Is My Information Secure?

We take the security of your information very seriously.

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Although no information is completely safe from a potential attack online, information stored in cloud software is often more secure then on your own computer. When using cloud software, information is transferred over the internet and stored on a server remotely rather than on a local computer hard-drive. In order to protect the information as it is being transferred over the internet, companies such as Sandbox Software use SSL technology to encrypt your data. This ensures that the information can’t be intercepted while it is being sent over the internet. This is the same technology used by major banks and government agencies to protect confidential information. 

Once the information arrives on the server, Sandbox child care software uses Rackspace servers to securely protect the information in the child care software.

Rackspace is a leading provider of data storage services, and has an excellent reputation when it comes to both physical and network security. You can read more about what Rackspace does to protect your information here:

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