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Below are instructions on how to use the Publish to Parents feature on the Sandbox Teacher App.

This allows staff to draft posts, get approval from Directors/Management, and publish to parents.

Please note that this is only available on the new Sandbox Teacher App.

Step 1: Log onto the Teacher App and go to the “Activities” tab of the Teacher App

Step 2: Click the + symbol to add an Activity Log

Step 3: Add in all information pertaining to the log (notes, etc).

Step 4: Choose which children the Activity Log applies to (under the “Selected Children” section)

Step 5: Select the ‘Staff Only’ toggle.*

*If this is not enabled before clicking “Post”, this will be shared to parents instantly. The toggle must be blue before posting.

Step 6: Select ‘Post’

Step 7: You should now see the post on the 'Activities' tab, with a label below it stating that it’s a “Staff Only” post.

Step 8: Once approved by a Director/Manager, click the three dots on the top right hand corner of the post > Publish to Parents.

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