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How do I Send a Payment Reminder?
How do I Send a Payment Reminder?

Learn how to send payment reminder for overdue invoices.

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Sandbox makes it easier for you to accept payments and stay on top of overdue invoices by sending payment reminders.

First, open your Sandbox account, navigate to the Billing section and click on the Invoices sub-header.

Here you will see all invoices that have been created with details including the invoice status to show if the invoice is paid, partially paid, or unpaid.

Next, click the Filter button, select Unpaid invoices and set the date range for the last invoicing period.

Now you will only see a list of the invoices that are currently overdue.

Use the select all option (checkbox beside Invoice #), click the dropdown, and select the Email Invoices option.

Please note: If you have a large number of overdue invoices the list will be paginated. If this is the case, first click the dropdown and select the Show All options before selecting all.

Change the subject to something like "Payment Reminder", update the email body to include payment terms if necessary, and click Send.

This will send an email reminder to all the clients with overdue invoices.

If you have Parent Engagement enabled the parents will also be able to access their billing information and view overdue invoices in the parent app and/or parent portal.

If you need assistance or have any other questions you can reach our award-winning support team at 1.800.385.7930 x1 or

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