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ACSS/PAD Frequently Asked Questions
ACSS/PAD Frequently Asked Questions
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What is ACSS?
Automated Clearing Settlement System.

What is PAD?
Pre-Authorized Debit. This allows parents to pay their invoices using their Bank Account (Institution Number, Transit Number, Account Number).

Who is Stripe?
Stripe allows us to accept and process ACSS/PAD and Credit Card payments through their payment processing platform. More information can be found here:

What are the transaction fees associated with collecting ACSS payments?
$1.50 per transaction.

Is there a verification process for ACSS/PAD?
Yes. When signing up for ACSS/PAD, parents are given two options:

1) Log in with their bank account log-in (recommended)
This option will provide instant one-time verification.

2) Use Micro-Deposit Verification
If parents choose this option, they will receive (2) micro-deposits (both under $1.00) in 1-3 business days after they have added their bank information on Sandbox. Once they are received, they will need to log in to the Parent Portal and verify their account.

Which banks are accepted?
All Canadian banks.

Trust & Loan companies, Insurance Companies, Credit Unions, Depositors (e.g.: Money Mart, FastCash, etc.) and Security Dealers may not be supported.

How can parents add their banking information?
Parents can add and verify their banking information on the Parent Portal. This is not available on the Parent App currently.

Can centers add banking information for parents?
Yes, however, it is highly recommended that parents add their own banking information on the Parent Portal.

Can Parents opt in for Automatic Withdrawal with ACSS/PAD?
Yes. Once parents add a bank account in the Parent Portal or Parent App, they will have the ability to enable Automatic Withdrawal.

Important Note: It will be the Centre's responsibility to process payments for those that have opted in for Automatic Withdrawal.

Can a parent use a debit card through ACSS/PAD?
No. ACSS/PAD allows parents to pay with their bank account (Institution Number, Transit Number and Account Number).

What is the wait time for deposits to reflect in my account from ACSS/PAD payments?
5-8 business days.

Please note that first payment made by parents via ACSS/PAD may take up to 8 business days to reflect in your account as Payments Canada processes and confirms the PAD Mandate/Agreement that is accepted by the parent at the time of set-up.

Can I refund ACSS/PAD payments through Sandbox?
Yes. However, refunds for PAD payments must be submitted within 180 days from the date of the original payment. After that, manual refunds will need to be issued (Cheque, Cash, E-Transfer, etc).

Can parents dispute ACSS/PAD payments?
Yes. Parents can dispute an ACSS/PAD payment through their bank on a “no questions asked” basis for up to 90 calendar days after a PAD payment through their personal bank account.

Unlike Credit Card disputes, PAD disputes are final and there is no process to appeal.

Will parents receive any notifications from Stripe?
Yes. Parents will receive confirmation of their PAD Mandate/Agreement from Stripe and an email notification when their account is debited.

I’m interested in accepting ACSS/PAD payments. How do I get started?
That’s great! Contact our support team to get started! or utilize our online chat (found on the bottom right-hand corner of Sandbox)

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