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Release Notes 2/23/2022
Release Notes 2/23/2022
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Product Release

  • Added feature to make staff tracking items shareable across locations

  • Fixed an issue where check-in notifications were not being sent to the Teacher App

  • Fixed an issue where Bi-Weekly invoice generation would time out and fail

  • Added a feature to allow absences to be added via the child calendar

  • Added a feature to provide additional merging options after accepting an online registration form

  • Added a date span to the Company Wide Reconciliation Report

  • Added a new Child Roster Report - Regulatory Records

  • Fixed an issue where credit memos in locked months could still have their values edited

  • Added uploads to staff tracking items

  • Added permissions to edit family tags

  • Improved the synchronization of app log out and session timeout on the Teacher App

  • Other minor improvements and enhancements

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